Your Single Source

Are you CFPB ready? The AllRegs by Ellie Mae® Compliance Management System (CMS) is specifically designed to meet the CMS demands for a supervised entity as laid out by regulators. Putting everything into an all-in-one system makes education more productive and reporting simple. The AllRegs CMS helps your business

  • Establish compliance and workplace responsibilities
  • Incorporate legal requirements and internal policies into business processes
  • Review operations to ensure responsibilities are clear and legal requirements are met
  • Update tools, systems, and materials as necessary

Comprehensive Solution

The AllRegs CMS is a comprehensive solution that leverages leading technologies and advanced professional services to:

  • Audit all policies to ensure what’s in place is correct
  • Deliver training on policies
  • Archive and track what policies are live at anytime
  • Assess and test staff on policies
  • Conduct training for your Board of Directors and employees
  • Provide one system of record for all reports

Specifically for Your Business

The AllRegs CMS is a customizable solution that will help you:

  • Create a single source of record that makes reporting and results accessible and easy to deliver
  • Provide comprehensive, up-to-date educational offerings to meet regulatory requirements
  • Provide easy access to policies and procedures with the ability to assess your team’s understanding of the content
  • Deliver reporting and compliance tracking that quickly, clearly, and simply satisfies regulators’ demands
  • Create customizable options to meet specific needs – from the smallest businesses to enterprise level
A CMS That Works

Get an individualized solution that meets your – and regulators’ – CMS needs.
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